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R&D Strength

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Strength of Hardware

Strength of Hardware

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      Our company owns the group laboratory and the special laboratory based on the product line.It covers an area of more than 1000 square meters,puts into hardware/software investment of more than 15 millions,and now it was equipped with 18 national intermadiate engineers , a reliablity engineer , some experienced hardware/software test engineers and rectification engineers.The laboratory takes part in the compentency verification of the CNAS laboratory every year,and it's long-term coperative institution are ceprei company,CVC company,ocetest company and CQC south China company etc.The test of electro magnetic compatibility,safety,reliability and aquipment of the device and product would be researched,designed and made all the time by the group laboratory,meanwhile,to insure the quality of the products,the special laboratory based on the product line would provide designing products with debugging,test,reastruction and etc.

   The EMC laboratory was equipped with world-class test equipments, such as injection current testing equipment which imported from Germany, R&A receiver, pluse group testing equipment which imported from Swizerland, electrostatic discharge test equipment, surge test equipment and voltage sag as well as short interrupt test equipment. At present our company already built up a professional shielding room for electromagnetic compatible radiation test, test frequency range rated from 9KHz to 300MHz, which is at the leading level in the industry. 



Introduction of Group Laboratory






     For the moment, our company owns the most advanced equipments in the industry, such as cold and hot shock test box ,step-by-step constant temperature and humidity box, plateau simulation experiment box, product residual voltage testing equipment and department of the whole machine product energy efficiency testing laboratory. 






We try every means to ensure that product performance meets customer function requirements, and at the same time safety regulations should follow national/international standards.



Component Laboratory

       It is equipped with a comprehensive test instrument for component testing in the industry, and can independently test the electrical performance and safety performance of various components, and conduct HALT test (high accelerated life test) and HASS test (high acceleration stress) on the basis of it. Standardization of screening experiments). The laboratory also introduced LED antistatic tester and metal coating tester for antistatic testing of luminescent components and coating monitoring of metal components.