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Health Care

Health Care

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 Medical Sollutions – Refrigerator control with 4G module + bluetooth function


The temperature of the box is maintained by controlling the refrigeration sheet and the sensor to monitor and maintain the temperature of the box to achieve the effect of constant temperature refrigeration.
The hardware components mainly include lithium battery, fan, water pump, cooling film, membrane button + OLED screen, photoelectric sensor, solenoid valve, temperature sensor, circuit control board.
The functional components mainly include: lithium battery charge and discharge control, load drive control, temperature, collision, humidity, sensor detection and control of opening and closing cover, ZIGBEE communication, 4G communication and Bluetooth communication control, GPS positioning detection, data storage management.

Technical Features

 Multi-channel ZIGBEE temperature
 detection module, accurately 
detect the temperature of each part of the box
A variety of communication modes to 
realize remote positioning and control of the cabinet