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R&D Strength

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Research and development team

Research and development team

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      With the Guangdong Province Intelligent controller for household appliance research and development department and Guangdong Province Enterprise technology center,our company is honored with one of the key high-tech enterprises of National torch plan,Guangdong Province Innovative pilot enterprises,Shunde Distric Scientific and technological innovation enterprises,and now it is the board chairman of the China Smart Home Industry Alliance,president of Electronic Information Merchants in Shunde Distric.R&D's research and development team is consisted of Group science and technology center,Research and development department of Business Division,Research and development department of R&D IoT,Project incubation center and Department of project management,and now it has research staffs more than 250 and intelligent controller products more than 1000 each year,which reflects our research and development design ability.There are almost 200 research staffs and more than 50 research and development engineers in IoT Smart Home,including software development,hardware design,appliance development,UI design and etc.At present our company has almost 400 all kinds intellectual propertise,among which there are more than 20 patents of invention and 180 National utility model patents.We have been prepared 2 National standards and a local standard and a allience standard.

Introduction of th research and development team