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About Real-Design

A famous vendor of home appliance controller solution

Company Profile

Company Profiles

  80+ assembly lines

  4 product performance testing labs

  Equipped with over 500 units of advanced production and testing equipments, including: SMT, AI, ICT, wire bonding, electromagnetic compatibility testers, lead-free wave soldering and software develoment platform.

       As a Key High-tech Enterprise of the State Torch Plan, as well as Innovative Pilot Enterprises and Advanced IPR Enterprises of Guangdong Province, Real-Design Intelligence established Guangdong Home Appliance Intelligent Controller Engineering Technology R&D Center and Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, and now we are a director company of China Smart Home Industry Alliance.With over 200 R&D employees , and 400 various patents, we have the capability of undertaking 800-1000 cases of intelligent household appliance R&D projects per year. As regard to the IOT Smart Home field, we have over 50 R&D engineers with rich experience in software and hardware design, UI and APP, and system integration solution, etc. 
       After years' efforts, Real-Design Intelligence has a lot of achievements in IOT technology innovation. We have built a a highly-intellectual enterprise exhibition hall which takes up over 600 square meters, which equipped with five major systems of intelligent home appliances including intelligent lighting, intelligent sun shading, intelligent security, intelligent entertainment. WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RF and RFID technology is widely adopted to realize the centralized control, remote control and coordinated control of the smart home system, which plays a leading role in the smart industry. So far, we have built up long lasting and stable business relationships with over 200 domestic and overseas companies, providing high quality household appliance PCBA manufacturing service for a lot of famous customers such as Midea, SUPOR, MI, Philips, Airmate, Donlim, etc.  
       As the core paticipant of the intelligent hardware ecosystem, the company will takes great efforts in keeping its pace with smart industries in the next three years. While playing our role in boosting the intelligent household appliances industry, the company will realize the strategic transformation under our own "manufacturing + internet + capital" business mode: continuous improvement and optimization, active marketing competition, emphasis on business scale and flow, and strengthen of the traditional intelligent controller business as the fundamental and supportive base. We integrate R&D, supply, production, sourcing,platforms and other advantages of resources to provide one-station supply chain service for intelligent hardware, linking our upstream and downstream partners, makers and maker platforms, industrial design, cloud platforms and e-commerce platforms.  Real Design Intelligence strives from innovative ideas to mass production. Aiming at building up a highly dynamic and vigorous enterprise, we try our best to follow the interaction between sourcing, industry and capital and make good use of them, which ultimately help trigger the development of the IoT industry.

Production Capacity

       Real-Design Intelligence has built and put into production with an area of 200,000 ㎡, with 70+ assembly lines of various products, 4 performance testing laboratories, and well equipped with more than 450 sets of perfect SMT, AI, Wire Bonding, lead-free wave soldering, intelligent on-line testing instrument, electromagnetic compatibility testing instrument, software development platform etc.We have introduced advanced brands such as Fuji, Panasonic, Yamaha, JUKE and other high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed patch machines . More than 20 SMT production lines are equipped with automatic printer (glue dispensing machine) and automatic board loader. The production capacity of SMT reaches more than 2.5 billion points, and AI reaches over 1.7 billion points. Anuual output value has reached more than 1 billion yuan.

Quality Management

       We have comprehensive quality control and assurance systems, strictly carry out in conformity of ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 system. Product quality control focuses on raw materials, R&D, production process and after-sales service, and has been sucessfully audited by many large international companys home and abroad.

R & D platform

      Real-Design Intelligence has a team of more than 350 engineers and technicians, and we devote 3% of our annual sales revenue to the application of new technologies such as MCU, multi-functional integrated control, display and voice programming. 
      We dedicate to high-tech control technologies such as IC design, electromagnetic compatibility, frequency conversion, LED high-efficiency lighting. Our products meets major standards such as CCC, EMC, UL, GS, PSE, CS, RoHS and WIEE. 

Shunde Headquaters

Anhui Base

Zhejiang Base

         Guangdong Real-Design Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. founded in February 1997 in Shunde District of Foshan City, is one of the enterprises which were first engaged in the R&D, production and sales of controllers for household appliance. Real-Design Intelligence focus on delivering innovative design and assembly manufacturing services to intelligent household appliance controllers, intelligent lighting, smart devices and smart home system.Based on the scale of annual production capacity of 8000 pics (over 1 billion RMB), Real-Design plays a leading role in intelligent household appliance PCBA industry. 

         Headquaters base in Fengxiang Industrial Zone in Shunde, we established total of seven branch companies of which distributed in Zhejiang Shaoxing, Anhui Hefei, etc.