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TDS detection technology

Voice control technology

Thyristor chopping power adjustment technology

Using special chip IH scheme of electromagnetic heating, accurate temperature control, intelligent simulation unfinished, widely used in various electric pot and pan
Electromagnetic oven,IH Electromagnetic Rice Pot

Electromagnetic heating technology

Using current monitoring and voltage monitoring to detect whether the motor has abnormal blocking and turning,then break the electrical circuit to protect the circuit and the complete machine.
Soybean milk machine, wall machine etc.

Motor blocking Protection Technology

It is used to adjust the speed of AC motor.
Fan gear speed control

Frequency conversion Control Technology of AC Motor

It is used for speed regulation of DC motor
Fan ,electric

Frequency conversion Control Technology of Brushless DC Motor

Importing EMC standard before design,intergrating device ,circuit design,PCB layout and prodcut structure assembly scientifically,then building simulation and Verfication of Product Test Model to choose the best alternatives. 

EMC rectification and Technology of Household Appliances.

Debugging cooking process curve,simluating life scene of"Firewood Rice" and "prorridge for baby",to cook the tasty rice smartly.
Smart Rice cooker

Cooking and debugging Technology of Rice cooker.

Using Fuzzy Control alorithm of software to balance the instability caused by the environment,so that to achieve a specific cooking effect.
Health kettle,kettle and kitchen electric products.

AC motor control technology

Using PWM or PFD to control and protect the DC motor. 
Fan etc.

DC motor control technology

The perfect inosculation of concave panel,concave coil panel and wok can concentrate heating to stir-fry at once by strong firepower.
Concave panel electromagnetic heating product

Concave panel electromagnetic technology

The function of "Health cooker" is that using electromagnetic technology to heat glass kettle and making all kinds pans and ovenwares are widely used.
Electromagnetic heating product

IH Electromagnetic heating technology

Of the controlled object by PID algorithm as the foundation, accurate temperature control, temperature control error is less than + /- 5 ℃
Oven, baked machine, the air fryer, red wine machine, the hot water machine, pipe machine, etc

PID heating control technology

PID algorithm, precise control of PG motor speed, to control the speed of plus or minus within 10 turns
The air conditioning that decide frequency


Using PWM frequency and duty cycle modulation valve drive device, proportional valve drive, normal body.
Electric kitchen burning gas, gas water heater, etc

PWM solenoid valve drive technology

Using self excitation transformer with LC resonance technology, controllable frequency pulse high voltage generator
Gas ignition application, anion generator

Self-excited pressure pulse high voltage technology

Technology introduction: zero crossing detection adjusting conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier was adopted to realize the power adjustment
Application scenarios: fan, heater, etc

Sensing technology

intelligent control

Special software algorithms for water salinity, intelligent detection, water quality monitoring
Water purification equipment etc.

Zero crossing detection adjusting conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier was adopted to realize the power adjustment
Fan, heater, etc

Technology introduction: infrared wave detection, identifiable gestures on the up and down or so, press, guoquan, such as hand movements, recognition from more than 30 cm
Application scenarios: lampblack machine, electromagnetic range, electric water heaters and other products with is not convenient to contact

Gesture sensing technology

Power carrier module was adopted to realize power line communication
The water heater

IoT communication

Power carrier communication technology

WiFi connection and cloud data processing, to control household appliances, the purpose of real-time monitoring the working state of home appliances
Intelligent household appliances, smart home system related products

The WIFI control technology

Using a bluetooth connection to control household appliances, the purpose of real-time monitoring of household electrical appliances working condition
Intelligent household appliances, smart home system related products

Bluetooth control technology

Detection of human body near or gestures to control operation technology
Intellisense kind of household electrical appliances, not to touch or key function in the form of operation, etc

Approach sensing tachnology

Rf remote control is realized by using rf transceiver module; Use the chips such as LT8910 / PL1166A plan implementation
The integrated ceiling, water heater, electric heater towel rack

Radio frequency control technology

ZigBee wireless communication, realize the local ad-hoc network connectivity
Intelligent lighting system, electric heating control system, smart home system related products

ZigBee control technology

Connect operator base station network, using 2 g / 3 g / 4 g, NB - IOT network traffic communication, etc
Shared class products, outdoor portable products, data acquisition application scenario

Cellular network communication technology

Wireless rf near-field identification data
Products anti-counterfeiting, product life cycle management, logistics system

RFID, NFC technology

Global mainstream cloud platforms IOT docking services, mobile software development
Internet remote control products, intelligent sound control products

APP, cloud services

Android, Linux operating system such as embedded product development, based on ARM kernel products
With the operating system of the high-end home appliance products

Embedded development technology

Drive the biggest more than 12 inches full color lattice, highest can support 720 p resolution
High-end display home appliance

Display technology

TFT screen display technology

Innovation according to electrical appliances

OLED display technology