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Production Scheme

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Quality & Process Control

Quality & Process Control

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Assembly line IPQA: 

● Confirm the first article of assembly line (check CDF)
● Inspect the key position process(including relevant quality documents, form, ect.)
● Check whether the materials and product function meet customer reuqirements
● Deliver the product to PA to check
● Timely inform production abnormal of product


Automtic line IPQA:

● Confirm the first article of automatic line (check CDF),including shear test, red glue and solder paste printing effect, etc.
● Inspect the key position process (including relevant quality documents, forms, etc.)
● Check materials loading situation, and sampling check automatic workshop finished products



● Check product appearance and function according to the quality sampling standards
● Confirm product specification and quantity and paste certificate of conformance


Quality Team Structure

Quality Management

  Automatic Project Management Team


Mainly improve automatic workshop quality control ability, standardize automated quality mangagment, and improve production quality. (mainly ralated to equipment standard management; operation, inspection, maintenance, parameter setting and other aspects standardization, as well as on-site control, red glue and solder paste management, etc.)



● Communicate with customers to know the product quality and process requirements 
● Analyse and handle the quality abnormity 
● Make improvement plan and follow-up the implementation according to quality abnormity




● Do production reliability test of new products




● According to customer requirements to check the products that are delivered by assembly line IPQA


   One-page Quality improvement project


Our group comprehensively promotes quality improvement activities, and increases quality improvement atmosphere. There are more than 2000 one-page improvement measures every year, including design optimization, process improvement, procedure optimization, equipment and jig promotion and so on.


  Special improvements team for the products or customers 


For the key customer product quality issues, we set up special groups to improve quality problem points and improve customer satisfaction.