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Human Resources

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Work Environment

Work Environment

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1. Factory Environment
Factory environment is comfortable and pleasant, full of green, and full of the feeling at home. 


2. Pull-type Assembly Line Production Mode

Figure 1: assembly line production, the working environment is clean and tidy, the staff are sitting at work.

Figure 2: wave solder, which improves labor productivity and reduces production costs.


3. Staff Operate Machine Production In Automatic Workshop 
Staff dress with uniform, ESD protection measure to ensure the health and safety.


R&D office: Comfortable and pleasant, full of green


Warehouse Center: The material is placed in order,

the ground is clean


Production line work instruction

Manage and standardize the assembly

line operation


Industry high-end equipments


Scientific training system

Strict meeting process


4. Group Intelligent Showroom


5. Group  Lecture Hall 


6. The living environment of employees