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Smart Home System

Smart Home System

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Centering on all aspects of family life, Real-Design Intelligence smart home syste provides comfortable, convenient, green and intelligent home environment. Real-Design Intelligence smart home system solution implements the network construction of household devices and appliances by wireless RF and WiFi. We have achieve the interconnection and interoperability of various home appliance based on the Guangdong Provincial Local Standard "White Home Appliance Intelligent Control Network Standard Communication Protocol" drafted by Real-Design Intelligence. 


By collecting the temperature, humidity, dust, harmful gas, light and other signas in home environment through the sensors in the household devices and security products, centralized control, state feedback, linkage control and scenario control can be realized based on the powerful opeation processing ability and intelligent control algorithm, and using Internet, GPRS, 3G/4G, WiFi, we can achieve remote monitoring and control, so as to improve the intelligent degree of family life.

Smart Home Introduction


Smart Home System Topology

Application Area


IOT of Household Appliances

Taking the RFID chip as the information recording carrier, it records the information of household appliances products from design, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, sales, use, maintenance, recycling and other processes, so as to realize the whole life cycle management of household appliances.


Intelligent Life

Using IOT technology to achieve centralized, remote, linkage and coordinated control of household appliances, enhance the safety, convenience and comfort of family life, and achieve environmental protection and energy saving.


Intelligent Home Environment

Including lighting environment and air environment. Control lighting and curtains to realize intelligent management of lighting environment in the family; monitor temperature, humidity and harmful gases in the family to realize intelligent management of air environment; control of gas valve, scene linkage and other systems.


Intelligent Home Security

Integration of family security system, and achieve linkage with the community property security and police. 


Smart Home Energy

Manage and control household energy, including management of new energy utilization, management of water heating and electrical meters. By connectting with smart grid, to realize intelligent switching of peak and valley energy use.

Intelligent Home Terminal

Powerful computing and processing capabilities. Provides centralized and remote control of energy, environment, electricity, water, gas metering, home entertainment, scenes, security, etc. External access to intelligent community, digital community, smart city, IOT and other networks And we can provide customized services and more value-added services.   


Intelligent Home Automation Equipment

Including intelligent door locks, service robots and other automation devices.


Intelligent Home Entertainment

Home entertainment equipment can be integrated, including TV, audio, computer, camera, mobile phone, PAD and other multimedia and information household appliances products.


R&D Resources

Real-Design Intelligence has built a team of 30 professional R&D technicians. Our R&D team has rich experience in hardware and software R&D. At the same time, we employs senior experts and professors in the field as technical consultants. We have established industry-university-research cooperation with many domestic universities and research institutes, and have been undertaking drafting of many national and provincial standards.
Equipped with first-class software development environment, equipped with DSP, ARM, WiFi, FPGA, RFID, ST, PIC, Samsung, H&T, Sunplus and other hardware and software development equipment. We have two test laboratories equipped with advanced instruments and equipment. Product testing is in strict accordance with the test standards to process basic testing, reliability testing, and interconnection and interoperability testing.


Real-Design Intelligence proposes a whole solution for smart home system, and have built a test and verification platform for the reliability of protocol standards and scientific rationality of the whole solution.

1. IOT household appliances RF networking communication module, 433MHz bidirectional wireless transmission module, WiFi communication module, Bluetooth communication module;
2. Whole pack of solution inclueds household appliances controller with Bluetooth WiFi, application sofware and system platform. 
3. Development of App software for Android and IOS applications;
4. Application of RFID in household appliances, using RFID chip to record the information of household appliances products from design, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, sales, use, maintenance, recycling and other processes. Through information collection, analysis to provide required information and services for all parties.
5. Provide IOT household appliance controller R&D, IOT household appliance system R&D, application software development and background server building services.