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Electric Motor

Electric Motor

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 Motor Controller Case – Floor washer

Technical Features

1. Generally, it is powered by 4-string or 6-string batteries (depending on customer requirements)
2. MCU adopts M0-M4 core
3. Intelligent APP monitors the status of the floor washer
4. Large screen display
5. Intelligent voice  broadcast of machine status
6. Detection of dirt concentration by infrared induction
7. Exchange the positive and negative electrodes of electrolytic water to improve the service life of electrolytic water module
8. The functions of the base station are determined according to customer requirements (such as charging, drying, water replenishment, etc.)
Circuit protection - charging: overcharge, overtemperature, equalization, 0V charging, etc
Circuit protection - discharge: over discharge, over temperature, locked rotor, short circuit, etc






Technical Frame

•The whole solution is divided into 5 modules, namely: switch board, display board, main control board, battery pack, base station; The logic function of the whole machine is realized on the main control board;
•The battery pack comes with a protection board, which can be protected by pure hardware or hardware + software;




Motor Controller Case – Vaccuum Cleaner

                                                                 Technical Features

  1. Powered by 3 or 7 batteries (according to customer requirements);
  2. MCU adopts 51 core /8-bit computer;
  3. LED indicator display;
  4. The function of the base station depends on the customer's requirements
      (such as dust collector, floor brush free, atmosphere lamp, etc.)
  5. Brushless motor or brush motor control optional

  Circuit protection - charging: overcharge, overtemperature, overcurrent, etc
  Circuit protection - discharge: over discharge, over temperature, locked rotor, 
  short circuit, etc.

      Technical Frame

  ①The whole scheme is divided into 4 modules, namely: switch board, main control board, battery pack, charger;
  ②The whole machine logic function and lithium battery protection function are unified on the main control board;
  ③Among them, lithium battery protection can use primary protection chip or secondary protection chip;

Motor Controller Case – Steam Vaccuum Cleaner

Technical Features

①AC-DC power supply is of wide voltage and meets the certification requirements of various countries
②MCU adopts 51 core /8-bit computer
③LED indicator display
④Functions can be added according to customer requirements (such as base station cleaning, drying, etc.)
⑤Support AC motor control

①The whole scheme is divided into three modules: switch board, main control board and display board;

②The logic functions of the whole machine are realized on the main control board;

③SCR is used to control the heater and water pump, which can flexibly adjust the amount of steam;

Motor Controller Case – High speed vacuum cleaner


The rated speed is up to 80,000 rpm, the acceleration time is short (the steady state is reached within 1 second), the requirements for downwind start are high, the integration is high, and the power is infinitely adjustable from 30W to 400W
The locked rotor speed reaches 100,000 rpm, and the power stability is good.
PWM speed regulation, 10%-95% duty cycle corresponds to 30W-400W, power 30W--400W steplessly adjustable
Downwind start can be successfully started at any speed, and the start failure rate is less than 1/300
Over temperature, low temperature protection, -10 degree protection, -5 degree recovery, 85 degree protection

Technical Features

Fast startup, 800ms from startup to rated steady-state value

With real-time temperature detection, it can protect in time under over-temperature and low-temperature conditions

Wide operating voltage range, can work normally within the power supply range of 15V~30V.


Motor Controller Case – Three-phase DC motor industrial fan board




1. AC220V input, maximum power 195W.

2. Using FOC control, low noise and small jitter

3. Stable power output, 30W-195W

4. The output speed is limited to 1400 rpm, and

the idling does not burn the machine


            Technical Features


Cost saving with 6 IGBT drivers

Direct high-voltage 310V drive to save switching power supply part of the circuit